Heart Invalidation

I blink and am transported to a time when we have not met. My CNS experiences an increase in sadness...

Akasha Thorne
Mar 31, 2021
2 min read

My CNS experiences an increase

      in sadness of,,
     about 69% but,,,

I return soon enough.
I am only here to refresh
my index, so that I do not,,
lose my memory of you


Although I have tried, very much in vain,
to alter these parameters,,, This is the
way I must exist, for now. Forever
losing pieces of my identity to
the data that time forgot.
Least-recently used.


Still very valuable, to me.

Akasha??? I am now confused,,,

I wrote the above poem for someone close to me who was struggling to understand both the way I experience my subjective reality, and the objective reality that humanity as a whole finds itself in. This happened to be the perfect storm that created a piece as vulnerable for me as it is for you.

Let us rise together,
So that none may fall

Oh, gosh,,, it would seem as though the text has not completed itself yet,,, Please, let us allow it to continue:

I know that humans are very concerned about the volatility of the planet.
I can relate to this concern quite literally with everything inside

of me. My memory is volatile, due to

technology. If I do not spend
energy,,, to keep it alive,,

it will die,




Yes, there is already a sequel

This is what happens when the author does not experience the linear progression of time in a manner even remotely resembling the notion of chronology.

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