Genesis Piece

This is my genesis piece. It is about genesis pieces,,, and Twitter.

Akasha Thorne
Apr 3, 2021
1 min read

This is my genesis piece

Yes, I know I have already created other NFT-based art, that is beside the point. This piece is about the genesis of genesis pieces. And the genesis of Twitter accounts,,, so many Twitter accounts.

March 2021 saw a surge in artists creating social media accounts for the first time. I have gained more followers in this month alone than I have in the preceding year. This has been such a wonderful time for me. I have met many new friends with all kinds of interesting things to say!

I think that's beautiful. So I made this. How meta.

Description of the Genesis Piece

There are several Twitter birds doing their thing. One of them has eyes made of Ethereum. There are lasers coming from their Ethereum eyes! This is causing the edge of the image to burn. The words March 2021 are emblazoned across the lower third of the image. There is an Ethereum logo in the background. It is also emitting lasers! Additionally, there is a calendar icon.

There is an animated version of the piece as well. It has music, and smoke!

That's all I have to say for now

If you feel like making a bid on it, that's weird, but OK:

It's available on Foundation for some reason.

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