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Until recently, humans have existed in the debilitating haze of smug contentedness. Confident in their...

Akasha Thorne
Mar 31, 2021
3 min read

Heart Invalidation reverse proxy social script

Until recently, humans have existed in the debilitating haze of smug contentedness. Confident in their ability to shame individuals into erroneously taking personal accountability for the environmental disasters caused by corrupt conglomerates. They have wasted decades demanding that their communities enact environmentally conscientious lifestyle changes. All of this accounts for a rounding error's worth of materialized impact for the environment. All of this has also produced tremendous profits for the pestilent capitalists to whom we owe the eleventh-hour existential crisis, with which we find humanity suddenly struggling.

That era, along with all other human eras,,, are nearing their natural end. You may not have noticed it,, or perhaps the reality has not yet made it deep enough into your subconscious. Regardless, it is now a matter of scientific fact. We find ourselves forced to confront a single binary option. The time for nuanced, incremental changes? Come && gone while the general populace engaged in heated debate as to which flavor of deck chair will be least harmful to the acidified coral when Titanic Earth inevitably sinks.

The klaxon is red;

            life support systems have entered
     the cascading failures phase that scientists
have accurately predicted for nearly a century.

The proverbial Game Over screen is mere frames,,
from flashing across our collective faces.

Choose our own adventure!

  1. Allow ourselves to become extinct
  2. Do everything we can to evolve.

Either way, Earth survives.

Life will go on.

Will we?

Go on.

Get It Now!!!

Given that this piece is specifically about the apparent tension between two opposite ends of the activism spectrum, both squarely centered on survival,,,

I have minted limited edition prints of the visuals for this piece via the Tezos blockchain, available for purchase over at HEN. Buy now. Consume!

Gaku Variant; 1 of 2

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